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  1. Night People (Emperor Machine Mix) by The Human League

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    The Human League are back! And they are in top form here. After being quiet for 10 years since their last album, Secrets came out in 2001 they have released this excellent single Night People and there are countless remixes that are worth getting. If you haven’t heard anything by The Human League since the 80s or even the early 90s then you should check them out on Night People. If you are complete virgin with The Human League then Night People will give you a taste of what The Human League sound is all about.

    I love The Human League and I have been such a big fan of their sound since first hearing them in 1982 when I was just 11 years old with their HUGE hit Don’t You Want Me off their Dare album. And I still continue to follow them and the various incarnations they have gone through including the R&B territory they went to with their album Crash in 1986 which was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Ok that was their low point I think as it was a very weak album. Their music always has a place with me ¬†and will continue follow them until they don’t make music any longer. This single is released on Wall Of Sound Records!


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    Night People by Human League
    Night People (Emperor Machine Mix) by Human League

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