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  1. Liberating Soul (FM Attack remix) by Tesla Boy

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    Tesla Boy is your favorite new 80s band from today! Their music sounds like it comes from the 80s but with very modern production values you know made for today. If you are at all into anything 80s inspired including synth pop dance, italo-disco, 80s disco dance then Tesla Boy is your ticket to great new music discovery! Even their name is very 80s sounding! Remember the song Tesla Girls by OMD? Ok I wont mention the hideous 80s metal band Tesla (oops I just did) but you get the point!

    The Tesla Boy album Modern Thrills kicks the 80s sound right off with an excellent synth classic song called Electric Lady. Then it gets better and better with cuts like Synthetic Prince, Minsk-2, Dark Street, Fire and Thinking Of You so I highly recommend you check Modern Thrills out. Liberating Soul is the first single off of Tesla Boy’s Modern Thrills album. It’s fun synth, pop classicness! Great 80s sounding vocals even.I can’t pinpoint which 80s synth pop band they sound like but they really do. Maybe you know? The remix for Liberating Soul by FM Attack adds a certain, laidback spaceyness to it with the trademark spacey FM Attack sound. Being a big fan of FM Attack I always seek out new remixes they do. I especially love the remix they did for the Edwin Van Cleef song Overtaken. If you haven’t heard of it check it out here.

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    Liberating Soul by Tesla Boy
    Liberating Soul (FM Attack remix) by Tesla Boy

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