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  1. Crystalised (Rory Phillips Remix) by The XX

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    This is a good example of a very bland boring alternative rock song that has been given LIFE by a really cool remix treatment by Rory Phillips! I’m so glad that the band The XX commissioned this remix by Rory Phillips as I really did not like the original.  There’s hardly any music on the original version of this song except for the bland singing. Ok the music does kick in a bit halfway through but then it fizzles out again. Sorry guys it’s needing something and luckily this Rory Phillips remix does wonders to it. The remix has a synthy, bouncy disco beat added to the very flat singing by the two members of The XX which actually compliment together quite well. Up until I heard this remix that I started liking the original version of  Crystalised. I can always say that remixes do what videos did to me when music videos were popular. Remixes turn me on to music that normally I wouldn’t listen to. Now I’m a fan of The XX like everyone else! Check out both original and remixed version below. For more remixes by Rory Phillips click here.

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    Crystalised by The XX
    Crystalised (Rory Phillips Remix) by The XX

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