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  1. Top Ten Best Italo-Disco Songs Ever!!!

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    America killed disco music back in the late 70s and Europe fought back by coming up with cool new subgenres in the dance and disco world so Italo-Disco was born out of the ashes of disco music in the late 70s and it’s certainly the evolution of disco dance music. Italo-Disco was mostly popular in Italy and Germany later reaching as far as France, UK, Spain and elsewhere on the main continent and Italo-Disco was the main form of dance music throughout most of the 80s there. Here in the states it was known as Hi-NRG because really disco was dead here and Italo-Disco was too Euro! Whatever you want to call it though I love my Italo-Disco. Ok it could get a bit cheesy but boy this subgenre has some of the best tracks ever in the dance and electronic music world and I’ve compiled the Top Ten best Italo-Disco Songs ever below and if you’re new to this style of music but do like dance and electronic music then you will certainly like these. Most of these were underground hits here in the states but you might have heard one or two here and there. Mostly Problèmes d’Amour  by Alexander Robotnick which was featured in a scene in National Lampoons European Vacation.

    Others songs on this Top Ten best Italo-Disco Songs ever list you might have heard of are I’m Ready by Kano a very sexy, dance track with an electro disco beat. It has been featured on countless compilations lately and if you don’t know Kano you need to know of Kano. And I’m not speaking of Kano the rapper. Hell no! Check out their very excellent Greatest Hits of excellent Italo-Disco songs. They had a bigger hit in the states with It’s A War reaching number one on the Billboard dance charts around 1983.

    Spacer Woman by Charlie has been an underground Italo-Disco song for such a long time. It had a resurrection of some sorts about 5 or so years ago when an a really awesome compilation of Italo-Disco songs called I-Robots and was featured on that and since then it’s been on my iPod/iPhone. If you can get your hands on I-Robots then I would as it’s one of the best Italo-Disco compilations ever. Alot of songs in the Italo-Disco genre dealt with space, robots and love affairs taking place in outer space and with robots etc so Italo-Disco suited this very well and Spacer Woman is not short of dealing with lovers in outer space.

    I recently discovered Savage for the first time off of the Pet Shop Boys Back To Mine compilation which is highly recommended to own as it’s chock full of awesome dance music all influenced by the two members of the Pet Shop Boys. Ok earlier in the 2000s is when I discovered Savage and wasn’t sure how I missed Don’t Cry Tonight back in the early 80s? Don’t Cry Tonight is an excellent example of synthy, spacey mellower than normal Italo-Disco song. It’s certainly worthy of being included in this list of Top Ten Best Italo-Disco Songs Ever list.

    That leaves Peter Richard, Cyber People, Mr. Flagio (Check out Pet Shop Boys Back To Mine compilation for Take A Chance by Mr. Flagio as well), Gaz Nevada, Ken Laszlo and Lime to round out the Tp Ten Best Italo-Disco Songs Ever list. They’re all great and excellent choices.

    So check out the Top Ten Best Italo-Disco Songs Ever list below. Let me know what you think of these tracks. Like them? Hate them?

    Walking In The Neon (Original 12″ Club Mix) by Peter Richard
    Take A Chance by Mr. Flagio
    Don’t Cry Tonight (12″ Version) by Savage
    Problèmes D’Amour by Alexander Robotnik
    I’m Ready by Kano
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    I. C. Love Affair by Gaz Nevada
    Spacer Woman by Charlie
    Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight [Remix] by Lime
    Hey Hey Guy by Ken Laszlo
    Void Vision (Extended Version) by Cyber People

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