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  1. In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix) by La Roux

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    Even though I’m digging the original version of In For The Kill I absolutely love this remix. The Lifelike Remix. They’ve kept all the vocals which I perfect so it’s like an extended dance remix with vocals. The original and the Lifelike Remix of In For The Kill are completely different and I first discovered La Roux by hearing the Lifelike Remix which I downloaded from Emusic from a Kitsune compilation. One of my favorite labels from France of all places release some of the best music out there. Worth checking out if you are at all into anything electro, synth pop/punk etc.

    What do you think of these two versions of In For The Kille? Which one is your favorite?

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    In For The Kill by La Roux
    In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix) by La Roux

    I wanted to embed the video here for In For The Kill but unfortunately the damn label Polydor (Universal Shite) has disabled that feature. Whatever!

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