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  1. Plastic Dreams by Jaydee Remixes!

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    Jaydee’s Plastic Dreams is an early 90s tribal trance classic. IT came out with a bang in 1992 and was around for quite sometime. It was one of those early trance tracks that you just couldn’t get enough of. You know Stella by Jam And Spoon, The Age Of Love by The Age Of Love and Plastic Dreams by Jaydee! Before For An Angel by Paul Van Dyk came onto the scene and brought trance to the masses. Then later on in the 90s and the 2000s countless new remixes were commissioned so to this day Plastic Dreams is one of those rare electronic and dance tracks that will never be forgotten about and will continue to receive the remix treatment. The original 1992 version still is classic for me as it has that repetitive ongoing euphoric tribal groove that just wont stop. It’s perfect on extacy. LOL I’m not recommending that you go and dance to this track while you take some E but sure was fun back in the day.

    Anyway fast forward to 2011 and new remixes have been released and they are pretty darn good while keeping the spirit of the original Plastic Dreams by Jaydee. But guess what there were remixes of Plastic Dreams by Jaydee released in 2004 as well that are worth noting.

    One of my favorite remixes of Plastic Dreams by Jaydee is the Plastic Dreams (Andrea Doria “Is It Breaks?” Remix) as that thing kicks like a mule. Oh wait that’s another song but you know what I mean. If you don’t know Andrea Doria then you should check out Bucci Bag!

    In the collection of Plastic Dreams Remixes from 2011 my favorite remix is a tie with Plastic Dreams (Dino Lenny & Amnesia Remix) and Plastic Dreams (Housebangerz feat. Mc Joe Remix). I must say though overall the remixes from 2011 are more along the line of the original Plastic Dreams versus the 2004 Remixes collection of Plastic Dreams by Jaydee which were more banging and big beats. What do you think?

    Plastic Dreams (Switch Mix)
    Plastic Dreams (Original Mix)
    Plastic Dreams (2004 Radio Edit)
    Plastic Dreams (MC Version)
    Plastic Dreams (2004 Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Lee-Cabrera Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Tayo & Acid Rockers Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Twisted Individual Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Andrea Doria “Is It Breaks?” Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (ATFC “Plastic Surgery” Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Retro Remix)

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    Plastic Dreams (Koen Groeneveld Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Dino Lenny & Amnesia Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Reborn Mix)
    Plastic Dreams (Folsch & Lanza Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Housebangerz feat. Mc Joe Remix)
    Plastic Dreams (Valley Mix)

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  2. Relax (Jam & Spoon Hi N-R-G Remix) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

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    Remix a classic song like Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Fuck yea! Do it and do it even more. This remix set came out back in 1993, just around the corner from the release of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood greatest hits set and I immediately went crazy for the Jam & Spoon Hi N-R-G Remix. I knew Jam & Spoon from their awesome trance classic “Stella” track and was searching out more from Jam & Spoon so this was a great find and true it’s quite awesome!

    I absolutely love this remix. It starts out quite slow and euphoric with a very long build up and then it becomes so fast and furious that it can bring the house down. It’s kicking so hard. It’s quite awesome.

    Check it out and compare the original with the remix. I think you will see a totally different track. Way to go Jam & Spoon. I don’t know what those guys are up to these days but this is them in major top form. Immediately after this remix for Frankie Goes To Hollywood Jam & Spoon released Tripomatic Fairytales 2001. One of the better electronic albums of the 1990s. If you don’t have it then you should definitely find it and own it!

    There’s been countless other remixes that have been done for Relax but this Jam & Spon Hi N-R-G Remix is a cut above the rest!


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    Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Relax (Jam & Spoon Hi N-R-G Remix) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

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