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  1. 40 Thieves Featuring Qzen Covers Hot Chocolate With Don’t Turn It Off

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    I didn’t realize that this was a cover until I heard this songs several times. This is a very smooth, sexy and slightly upbeat version of Hot Chocolates Don’t Turn It Off sung by a lady, Qzen aka Susan Langan of 40 Thieves. This version is current with today’s nu disco sound and it’s a perfect version for sexy cocktail sipping at the hottest bars or cocktail parties at home with your sexy friends. It’s also perfect for walks and working out. I don’t really know much about 40 thieves but I did hear this off of a Greg Wilson mix CD, Credit To The Edit of disco and nu disco hits all mixed together. Was worth checking out to see what else 40 Thieves had done but not much more except for this awesome single Don’t Turn It Off covering Hot Chocolate.

    For Hot Chocolate this is certainly not You Sexy Thing but it’s a nice mellower disco number from them from 1979 but 40 Thieves have perfected her. A Permanent Vacation release. Check out both versions below.

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    Don’t Turn It Off by Hot Chocolate
    Don’t Turn It Off by 40 Thieves Featuring Qzen
    Don’t Turn It Off (Brennan Green Mix) by 40 Thieves Featuring Qzen

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  2. Electrotheque Cover Hot Chocolate With Every 1′s A Winner

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    This one’s a fun remake cover track of the popular disco classic Every 1′s A Winner by Hot Chocolate. Electrotheque keep the spirit of the original but they add a funky house robotic groove to their version which somewhat similar to Daft Punks sound which is pretty darn cool. Most of the vocals are removed in this remake except for quiet robotic vox thrown in all of over the place. I don’t remember hearing this back when it came out in 1998 (even though I was buying up all kinds of music back then) when dance music was all over the place but I discovered on a compilation about 5 years ago and couldn’t believe that I had missed such a cool remake. Disco songs were being remixed and remade all over the place in the 90s so for some odd reason I had missed this but glad I discovered it. Even though I like You Sexy Thing, Hot Chocolates bigger hit this song in my book is the stronger of the two and this remix/remake by Electrotheque works wonders. Enjoy both versions below.

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    Every 1′s A Winner by Hot Chocolate
    Every 1′s A Winner by Electrotheque

    Download Hot Chocolate’s Greatest Hits here:

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