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  1. Aufstand by Gesaffelstein

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    Aufstand by Gesaffelstein kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the kind of music that you want force feed your everyday average joe that listens to cuntry, rock, pop, music that is overly mass produced shit by the majors.

    I just can’t stop listening to this all techno monster of a recording Aufstand by Gesaffelstein. It’s deep, dark, hard, eerie, sleazy and long mix of beats that takes you on a journey through long tunnels at fast speeds. And it goes on for 8 long minutes. It’s the best techno recording I have heard of since, ah the mid 90s? It’s got to be. Aufstand by Gesaffelstein takes me back to the early 90s when techno was just making a big impact on dance music with recordings by Underworld and those types of guys but this sounds just much more fresh and sonically high quality. The early 90s techno recordings had such a lo-fi quality to them but this track Aufstand by Gessaffelstein and the rest of his tracks on the Conspiracy, Pt. 1 – Single are all top notch. If you like Underworlds Second Toughest In The Infants CD with tracks like Rowla or Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream Of Love or even Dark + Long by Underworld then you will love Gesaffestein and then some. With techno music this good I can’t wait until I hear something new from Gesaffelstein!

    More Gesaffelstein tracksĀ (and remixes he’s done) that are worthy to check out are also listed below. Check out Errance / Crainte EP by Gesaffelstein & The Hacker. I love The Hacker and think this EP is quite nice too.

    Original Music Releases:

    Conspiracy, Pt. 1 – Single by Gesaffelstein
    Errance / Crainte EP by Gesaffelstein & The Hacker
    Variations EP by Gesaffelstein
    Modern Walk EP by Gesaffelstein
    Zone 1: The Operator – Single by Gesaffelstein

    Remixes For Other Artists:

    The Day (Gesaffelstein Remix) by Moby
    Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix) by ZZT
    Les Enfants (Gesaffelstein Remix) by Cassius
    Heliochrome (Gesaffelstein Remix) by Chateau Marmont
    Body Of Eyes (Gesaffelstein Violation Remix) by Sei A

    As Part Of Compilations:

    The Voice (Original Mix) by Gesaffelstein / Let The Children Techno
    Glass by Gesaffelstein / My Techno

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    Aufstand by Gesaffelstein

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