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  1. Jerome Isma-Ae Remakes The OT Quartet’s Hold That Sucker Down!

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    Rollo (of Faithless) and Rob D (of Clubbed To Death fame – you know featured on The Matrix Soundtrack) are the O.T. Quartet. They produced this awesome track back in the mid 90s which was a huge hit back then in the club world. It has the trademark Rollo/Cheeky Records sound and I loved it back then and I still love it now. It’s a classic masterpiece that doesn’t get boring after countless listens. I’m glad Jerome Isma-Ae remade it and brought the track into the sound of now at clubs. It’s fun and I dig it and I’m sure you’ll dig it too if you like anything by Faithless or Rollo you will certainly dig Hold That Sucker Down by Jerome Isma-Ae. And if you don’t know anything about The O.T. Quartet then this will certainly be the way for you to discover the great Cheeky Records and Rollo sound. Check out both original and the remake below.

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    Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix) by The OT Quartet
    Hold That Sucker Down (Instrumental Edit) by Jerome Isma-Ae

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  2. Timespan (Steve Moore Remix) by Majeure

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    If you like your music deep dark spacey synth then this release is pretty cool from Temporary Residence Records. I’m thinking this kind of sounds like a late 70s prog rock touches of late 70s disco sort of like the French disco band Space but a lot moodier. Timespan is such a long track nearing 20 minutes in length so quite along journey there but worth it if you like your instrumental electronic music moody with the touches of disco. I’m thinking Majeure kind of sounds like Lindstrom from Norway. But you be the judge both original version and Steve Moore Remix of Timespan below.

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    Timespan by Majeure
    Timespan (Steve Moore Remix) by Majeure

    Feel free to check out the rest of the tracks by clicking the album cover below. There are 2 other cuts on the ep/album plus two other remixes of the two tracks. Worth owning!

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