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  1. Can You Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix) by Blue Pearl

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    What happened to Blue Pearl? Can You Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix) was one of those electronic techno house tracks that I probably overplayed back in the early 90s. It was on a compilation called Rave ‘Til Dawn and just had really nice bass to blast from your car. I was only 21! Electronic and techno house music was booming from all over the place and I was very happy! So much cool music was being released and this was one them. The song is dark, sexy with lots of moaning and groaning and it has that classic early 90s piano house touch thrown in. It was one of those tracks that combined a lot of rock and guitar elements with the electronic and techno beats with the piano house. So it was quite unique!

    Can You Feel The Passion and Naked In The Rain were the only two hits released by Blue Pearl and once those came out they vanished and never to be heard from again. Although Naked In The Rain has been rereleased with new remixes several times since then I still think their bigger cooler hit was Can You Feel The Passion! What do you think? Below you will find the US Remix version and the Palladium Mix which was on the Rave ‘Til Dawn compilation.

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    Can You Feel The Passion by Blue Pearl
    Can You Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix) by Blue Pearl

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