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  1. General Motors, Detroit, America (Blackstrobe Remix) by Acid Washed

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    I first heard General Motors, Detroit, America early last year and I fell in love with it. It kind of sounds like the soundtrack music to either an 80s Sci-Fi film or maybe even a mysterious documentary from that era. It’s cool. It’s perfect synth electronic with very 80s touches thrown in there. It truly has a very soundtrack feel to it. I can see it perfectly in Tron or something like that.

    Well I love the Blackstrobe remix even more. The original is more mellow sort of a downtempo thing but Blackstrobe have made it more clubby and bouncy but still keeping the mysteriousness. This release is off of the Acid Washed (love their name btw) album by the same name. If you are at all into synthy 80s inspired electro and electronic music then this album will satisfy you completely. I love it! It’s mostly all instrumental cuts and very bouncy fun music. The release is from Record Makers one of my favorite labels out of France! Home to folks like Sebastien Tellier, Kavinsky and more.

    For more Blackstrobe click here.

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    General Motors, Detroit, America by Acid Washed
    General Motors, Detroit, America (Blackstrobe Remix) by Acid Washed

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