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Shanti Dance Featuring The Droids (The Glimmers Acid Dub) by Muallem

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Shanti Dance is one of those dreamy, moody disco flavored dance tracks that you just can’t get enough of! It’s starts out mellow, gets into a modern nu disco beat then turns a different direction then head back to where the beats were. It’s quite an original track that I’ve been listening to for quite some time now. It’s got some slight touches of world beats hence the name Shanti Dance but it’s perfection! The remix by The Glimmers is quite nice too but certainly gets into the acid territory as the name suggests and it certainly is a dub style rather than a full on remix that you would expect. The Glimmers also give it a more funky beat to it certainly their trademark sound and style touches have been added to the remix. But I have to be honest my favorite is the excellent original version from the the album Frankie Splits. That’s the version I keep coming back to over and over again. The rest of Frankie Splits is a smorgasbord of eclectic musical styles mostly favoring the electronic genre but certainly crossing over into hip-hop and rap territory and some pop and alternative. It’s definitely a good album and worth noting. Album released on Compost Records. The remix is off of Mutations 2 Single.

Both highly recommended for original cool electronic and dance music from Germany!

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Shanti Dance Featuring The Droids by Muallem
Shanti Dance Featuring The Droids (The Glimmers Acid Dub) by Muallem

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