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  1. iTunes Cleaner – Clean And Fix iTunes Automatically!

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    If you are a music lover you probably have iTunes and an iPod or iPhone where you carry your mp3′s with to listen to while on the go. Well you are also probably faced with a completely messy iTunes music and song library. That same messy iTunes music and song library carries over to your iPhone/iPod so your songs look messy. You have so many problems that need to be fixed in iTunes but you don’t know where to start fixing it. Well you are in luck because I highly recommend this program to fix all your problems in your iTunes music and song library automatically.

    It will clean and fix your entire iTunes song and music library and it’s the best iTunes cleaner in the market.

    Download and Try Rinse for FREE

    Here’s the list of cleaning and fixes it does.

    1. iTunes Cleaner will add album cover artwork to all your songs missing artwork.

    2. iTunes Cleaner will remove duplicate songs in your iTunes music and song library.

    3. iTunes Cleaner will fix misspelled songs in your iTunes music and song library.

    4. iTunes Cleaner will add missing information to your songs in your iTunes music and songs library.

    5. iTunes Cleaner will fix your iTunes songs AUTOMATICALLY.

    Try it for free now!

    I highly recommend it as it fixed my entire iTunes library!

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  2. Fix iTunes Songs!

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    Fix iTunes Songs!

    Having so many songs in my iTunes makes it a very unorganized mess. Trust me I have like 120K+ mp3s in my iTunes and it’s unmanageable. There are so many songs that don’t have any names, or any information attached to it. It’s basically Track 01, Track 02, Track 03 and so on. Nothing else is present in the songs information or metadata information. So no album names, no genre, no years nothing. I don’t really want to sit and Fix My iTunes by hand do I? I’d rather blog about music!!

    In addition to that I have so many damn duplicates in my iTunes. For example I’m a big fan of Pet Shop Boys and I have been buying, collection all of their releases. So I have their actual albums, greatest hits compilations, singles (with remixes), other compilations they have released and so on! So that makes for so many duplicates of the same song. For example I have the song West End Girls in my iTunes 14 times. Phew! Do I need that many? Nope! I need to remove my duplicate songs in my iTunes and I need to do it AUTOMATICALLY!

    Lastly I want to have album cover artwork added to all my songs. There are so many songs that I have in my iTunes that just have a grey music note nothing else. Nothing is attached to a lot of my songs. This sucks because I sync my iPods and my iPhone with a lot of my music and when I don’t have album cover artwork I hate the song even more because the album cover artwork says a lot about a song and artist and I like to see what I’m hearing.

    I need a program that will do these iTunes fixes in my computer automatically!

    Luckily the best program out there is RINSE by RealNetworks. You should download a free trial copy and try it out. You’ll be amazed at how great it is. Trust me once I did this my ITunes has been in tip top shape. Every so often I put all my new music in a playlist and run the software and let it do it’s thing so I can concentrate about blogging instead of fixing my iTunes songs!

    Try it FREE now!

    Download and Try Rinse for FREE

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