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  1. Everybody Dance (Chic Inspirational Mix) by Evolution

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    Deconstruction was the reliable dance music label from the UK to turn to in the very early 90s! I mean come on they released the huge Black Box singles Everybody, Everybody, I Don’t Know Anybody Else, Strike It Up and of course their huge album Dreamland. But it was more than Black Box. There were huge acts that came from this legendary label. M People, K-Klass, Kylie was there for a bit, Robert Miles, Felix with their huge hit Don’t You Want Me, Hyper Go Go with their hit High, The Grid, N-Joi and of course this little known act and cover of a Chic song Evolution doing Everybody Dance.

    This song Everybody Dance is a very similar remake of the original disco classic by Chic. It’s a bit more uplifting and soulful and a bit infused with a gospel house feel. It’s nothing original but this came out during the disco revival thing and was a pretty big hit for Evolution. Although later in the late 90s and early 2000s Evolutions sound completely changed to a more progressive house sound. Check out their album Unnatural Selection and their hit Walking On Fire. Completely different sound but it was obvious that they would go that direction and signed to John Digweed’s Bedrock label.

    Everybody Dance by Chic
    Everybody Dance (Chic Inspirational Mix) by Evolution

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