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  1. Faith Healer (Barracuda Mix) by Recoil

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    Recoil is Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode and this single, Faith Healer  from the album Bloodline was riding on the HUGE success that Depeche Mode had recently experienced with their Violator album. Bloodline was certainly nothing close to the massive success that Violator had but this release is certainly worth noting if those of you Depeche Mode fans don’t know anything about this release and the single Faith Healer which features the vocals of Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb. Faith Healer came out just when ‘techno’ and electronic albums were slowly seeing major label releases stateside and this single along with releases by Eon, T99, The Prodigy, Meat Beat Manifesto, Baby Ford and LFO was in heavy rotation on my players in the car or on the stereo at home.

    Faith Healer which is a cover of an old Alex Harvey (Scottish blues and rock vocalist) song, includes some pretty darn cool remixes. The remix that I came to love on the single to Faith Healer is the Barracuda Remix which is credited to a Richard M Hall who just happens to be Moby! Other remixes on Faith Healer include the Disbeliever Remix which was by LFO who I totally dug back in the day. LFO’s Frequencies album and single We Are Back is still high on my list of favorite tracks from back in the day. This remix is certainly quite beat and bass heavy. Mark Bell from LFO later worked with Bjork on several of her album

    A great remix package if you happen to get your hands on it and it’s highly recommended but if not check out the Barracuda Remix, LFO’s Disbeliever Mix, several other remixes and original version of Faith Healer by Recoil below. For more Recoil check out their awesome Greatest Hits compilation here which includes great new remixes of older Recoil cuts.

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    Faith Healer by Recoil
    Faith Healer (Barracuda Mix) by Recoil

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  2. Live For Today by Cicero & Sylvia Mason-James

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    The Crying Game soundtrack was mostly known for the song The Crying Game by Boy George. It was a whole more about that album that most folks don’t know. The album was produced by the Pet Shop Boys and included other great songs which included a remake of the Shannon 80s hit Let The Music Play by Carroll Thompson and of course two awesome versions of a little known act called Cicero with their song Live For Today sung by Sylvia Mason-James. Absolutely love the vocals by Sylvia here.

    If you like Pet Shop Boys or anything synth pop from the late 80s and early 90s then you will certainly love this song by Cicero. I think they are definitely worth discovering as not much is known about Cicero. In the early 90s Cicero released an album called Future Boy but it failed to chart anywhere. Still though this song Live For Today produced by Pet Shop Boys is quite strong.

    The Orchestral version is the more synthed up version whereas the Gospel version is more laidback and sort of trip-hoppy. Check them out below.

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    Live For Today (Orchestral) by Cicero
    Live For Today (Gospel) by Cicero

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  3. The Orb Remix of Time To Make You Mine (In My Dreams Mix) by Lisa Stansfield

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    Time To Make You Mine (CD Single) Lisa Stansfield


    The Orb remixing Lisa Stansfield? Yes it actually really does work and I love this a little more than the original. The Orb add their signature spacey dub electronic ambient sound to Lisa Stansfield original and make it a long droning chugging adventure. The end result is 10 minute ambient dub adventure. Perfect to chill to with the soulful vocals of Lisa Stansfield. Check both versions out below and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s perfect.

    This remix came out in 1992 at the height of The Orb’s big breakthrough with their The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld double CD. The original song comes off of Lisa Stansfield’s self titled Lisa Stansfield album

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    Time To Make You Mine by Lisa Stansfield
    Time To Make You Mine (In My Dreams Mix) by Lisa Stansfield

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  4. My Mind Must Be Free by Utah Saints Samples You Gave Me Love by Crown Heights Affair

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    This is one of my all time favorite tracks to utilize a sample perfectly in the new track. My Mind Must Be Free from Utah Saints self titled 1992 album included many tracks that contained samples of existing well known tracks including Something Good which contained a Eurythmics sample, What Can You Do For me which contained a Kate Bush sample and Believe In Me sampled Human League’s Love Action (I Believe In Love) among several other tracks on the album which contained samples. So anyways check out the two versions below.


    I love the Crown Heights Affair track You Gave Me Love but it’s a more mellow downtempo disco cut from 1980 but the Utah Saints have done wonders with sampling You Gave Me Love on My Mind Must Be Free. You Gave Me Love is off of the Crown Heights Affair album Sure Shot.

    Check both out below and let me know what you think.

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    You Gave Me Love by Crown Heights Affair

    My Mind Must Be Free by Utah Saints

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  5. The Model by Balanescu Quartet

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    This is a pretty darn cool version of The Model. The classic track by the German electronic music pioneers. This avant garde string quartet is known for achieving success for doing several covers of Kraftwerks music and this being one of the better ones. Check it out as it’s pretty darn cool. Completely different than the Kraftwerk version but same tempo and all. Love it.

    Balanescu Quartet have been making music since 1987 but this is the first I have heard of them and I dig what I hear and am pretty darn curious to hear more. The Model comes off of their 1992 album Possessed.


    Check it out below. Also check out the youtube link of a live performance below.

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    The Model by Kraftwerk

    The Model by Balanescu Quartet

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