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  1. Moby Samples Laura Palmer’s Theme For Go!

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    Yes it has been 20 years ago that I fell in love with that techno sound that always seemed to feature samples from TV shows, films and other sound effects and Moby’s track Go and especially the Woodtick Mix was the track I came back to over and over again to listen to. It was one of the best examples of techno/dane music by an American musician. I was mostly listening to band from Belgium at the time like Lords Of Acid’s, T99′s Anasthacia, Liquid’s Sweet Harmony, DJ’s Take Control by SL2 and of course Prodigy’s Charly! Don’t forget XL Records The First Chapter CD! Check out The Ansaphone by Johnny L! That thing rocks!!!!!!!!! I was listening to that thing over and over! I immediately fell in love with this and I couldn’t wait to hear more from the little known musician named Moby!

    I’ve been a fan since then and always anticipate what’s coming up next from Moby. But the best music he ever released were the ones from the earlier years. Especially cuts like Next Is The E, Move, Drop A Beat, Feeling So Real, Everytime You Touch me, Bring Back My Happiness and so on! Oh those were the days of good old techno dance music. Weren’t they? Well we can check out this 20 year old cut Go (especially the RAINFOREST REMIX) which samples the famous Laura Palmer’s Theme by Angelo Badalamenti from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and relive those days again. They’ll come back!

    Laura Palmer’s Theme (Instrumental) by Angelo Badalamenti
    Go (Woodtick Mix) by Moby

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  2. Can You Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix) by Blue Pearl

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    What happened to Blue Pearl? Can You Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix) was one of those electronic techno house tracks that I probably overplayed back in the early 90s. It was on a compilation called Rave ‘Til Dawn and just had really nice bass to blast from your car. I was only 21! Electronic and techno house music was booming from all over the place and I was very happy! So much cool music was being released and this was one them. The song is dark, sexy with lots of moaning and groaning and it has that classic early 90s piano house touch thrown in. It was one of those tracks that combined a lot of rock and guitar elements with the electronic and techno beats with the piano house. So it was quite unique!

    Can You Feel The Passion and Naked In The Rain were the only two hits released by Blue Pearl and once those came out they vanished and never to be heard from again. Although Naked In The Rain has been rereleased with new remixes several times since then I still think their bigger cooler hit was Can You Feel The Passion! What do you think? Below you will find the US Remix version and the Palladium Mix which was on the Rave ‘Til Dawn compilation.

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    Can You Feel The Passion by Blue Pearl
    Can You Feel The Passion (Palladium Mix) by Blue Pearl

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  3. N-Joi Sample Gwen Guthrie’s Peanut Butter On Anthem

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    “I’m In Love With You, Want You To Love Me Too” is the famous line from Peanut Butter by Gwen Guthrie which is sampled in this most famous early house track by N-Joi. Anthem came out in 1991 to blow up everywhere and I was one of the first to get addicted to that famous line sung by Gwen Guthrie. Boy I sure didn’t know at the time that it was a sample being used in that track but later when I found out about it was like I like both tracks. Gwen Guthrie’s 80s sounding funk/hi-nrg style dance sound and of course the house classic by N-Joi. Peanut Butter is off of Gwen Guthrie’s album Portrait. Anthem originally a single in 91 later on the album Inside Out by N-Joi.

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    Peanut Butter by Gwen Guthrie
    Anthem (The Six Day Nightmare Mix) by N-Joi

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  4. Situation by Yaz

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    This is such a classic track by Yaz and I really dig all the remixes that have surfaced of this track over the years. Brings back the great synth pop dance memories of the 80s. Well of course the original is still the best but the remixes are all really good too if not a little better than the original.

    You have the 1991 single that has a great dubby/bassy remix by Youth. Then for the greatest hits package it was remixed by Club 69 which is actually not one of my favorite mixes of Situation. Then it was remixed for the Future Retro compilation by Richard X which is actually one of my favorites. It kept the original sounds as much as possible but Richard X increased the speed a bit so it’s quite nice and upbeat. Very electronic. Well the original was quite electronic which was perfect on it’s own but this Richard X version is something else.

    The Club 69 version has been housed up too much and stripped away from the synth pop sound which turns me off. Don’t get me wrong I do love Club 69 and his music and remixes but this one is just not the strongest. Sounds a bit tired as well. It’s the usual Club 69 house sound that you’ve probably heard countless times.

    The Don’t Go/Situation single from 1999 also contains the Richard Humpty Vission remix too but just was actually worse than the Club 69 remix. There’s also a one version remixed by Dave Ralph. Again sort of boring and tired.

    We have the below four. What do you think? Which is your favorite? Feel free to leave your comments.

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    Situation (12″ US Original Mix)
    Situation (The Aggressive Attitude Mix)
    Situation (Club 69 Future Phunk Mix)
    Situation (Richard X Remix)

    It seems Yaz, Yazoo in the UK have this great new box set. Their only two albums and third disc with b-sides and remixes. All remastered! Yum, we should snatch that up! Check it out below at Amazon.

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