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  1. Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls (Regan’s House Medley) by Book Of Love

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    14+ Minutes of electronic synth dance pop pleasure! This Book Of Love classic takes on their own cover of the Mike Oldfield classic Tubular Bells and mashes it with their own song Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls into an 80s classic underground synth dance bomb. Boy this version is so good! Boy not their hit Boy even though that is a classic as Book Of Love were one of the most underrated acts in the late 80s. I heard their music on Live 105 numerous times and that is how I discovered this excellent New York act. They were signed to Sire records along with Depeche Mode of course and Erasure, Madonna and The Ramones and more!

    Tubular Bells and Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls is off of Book Of Love’s excellent 1988 album Lullaby and it was such a great idea to mash up the two tracks together for this excellent 12″ version. This version just goes on and on going in and out of each of the two songs with added horror sounding special effects to remind you of where the original Mike Oldfield version came from the film The Exorcist.

    If you don’t know anything about Book Of Love you’ve probably heard of their music in a film or two. One of their songs Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) was featured in the film and soundtrack to Planes, Trains And Automobiles. Later Sunny Day was featured in The Silence Of The Lambs. Unfortunately though Book Of Love did not last too long. In the early 90s they released two no very successful albums Candy Carol and LoveBubble then they vanished into thin air until their greatest hits were released in 2001 with a collection of new remixes of their first hit song, Boy! 5 years later Boy was remixed again by DJ Irene for the Future Retro compilation of excellent remixes of 80s hits!. It’s rare but I prefer the original when it comes to Boy but the remixes are certainly fun to hear.

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    Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield
    Tubular Bells by Book Of Love
    Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls by Book Of Love
    Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls [Regan's House Medley] by Book Of Love

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  2. I’m Not Scared by Eighth Wonder & Pet Shop Boys

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    I’m Not Scared was produced and recorded for Patsy Kensit’s band Eighth Wonder but it became such a hit for Eighth Wonder the Pet Shop Boys decided to record it themselves as well and release it on their dance album Introspective in a complete orchestral/dance version. Their both the same song but sound completely different where the Eight Wonder version is more pop dance with touches of Hi-NRG and the Pet Shop Boys version being dramatic Hi-NRG. Both great versions. The versions below are the Disco Version of Eighth Wonder’s I’m Not Scared (the original version off their Fearless album) and the Introspective version from the Pet Shop Boys.

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    I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix) by Eighth Wonder
    I’m Not Scared by Pet Shop Boys

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