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  1. Until December (12″ Inch Version)/We Are The Boys (12″ Inch Version) by Until December

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    Do you even know who Until December Is? I think everyone should know about this totally underrated, undiscovered 80s high energy dance act who’s music had slight touches of goth and new wave. They were signed to Columbia back in 1986 and released one album called Until December. I was lucky enough to have lived in San Francisco Bay Area in the 80s and had one of the best radio stations around – Live 105. It’s crap now but hey from 86 until about 1992 it was the best station ever. It was where you would discover those cool bands that no one knew about. Listening to Live 105 is how I discovered Until December. They have totally disappeared now but have really left us with two of the best 80s high energy dance songs ever! Two of their greatest 12″ versions are below – their self titled song Until December and We Are The Boys! Both awesome!

    Trust me this is the best there is! What happened to them? Adam Sherburne one of the members started the industrial dance band Consolidated. Cool I liked their first album and loved the track Consolidated. Guess where I first heard Consolidated?

    Anyway if you like what you hear check out the 415 Sessions (415 is the area code here in San Francisco) and get more Until December. You will find their entire first album plus loads of remixes and covers of Bela Lugosi Is Dead by Bahaus and Call Me by Blondie. Now that’s totally worth it!

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    Until December (12″ Inch Version) by Until December
    We Are The Boys (12″ Inch Version) by Until December

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