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  1. Taste So Good by File 13

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    File 13′s Tastes So Good was one of my favorite electro electronic freestyle dance tracks from the mid 80s. This track has phone sex samples from those naughty 976 sex lines in the 80s. This song if you haven’t heard it is a pretty rare cut that’s in my top 100 dance tracks of all time. It’s totally original and i used to hear this on the radio here in the San Francisco Bay Area on Live 105. No one does music like this at least I have not heard anything. No albums or any singles exist of any File 13 material anywhere. Most likely they are all on 12″ used shops but either way this song is certainly worth noting here at in case those of you don’t know it it’s certainly worth discovering.

    If you are looking for more music like File 13s Taste So Good then you definitely have to check out Street Jams Volumes 1 – 3 as they are chock full of electro and freestyle classic dance music. Unfortunately they are not available as a download from iTunes or Amazon but links to Amazon for the actual CDs are below.

    Street Jams: Electric Funk 1

    Street Jams: Electric Funk 2

    Street Jams: Electric Funk 3

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    Taste So Good by File 13

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  2. Billie Jean by Shinehead

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    The anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death came and went last week so I figured I’d do at least one post of a cover or sample or remix of a famous Michael Jackson track. I figured posting about this Shinehead cover of his big hit Billie Jean. I only discovered this cover a little over ten years ago and it dates way back to just after Mr. Jackson had released his big hit – 1984. I love this remake and I love how it has a very chill summery hot sunny sound to it. It’s perfect in Shineheads trademark dub and dancehall style. From Shinehead’s album Rough & Rugged. Bet you didn’t know this cover existed did you?

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    Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
    Billie Jean by Shinehead

    Click the album artwork below to download the digital version of Rough & Rugged.

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