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Goin Out by Beatfanatic Samples The Weather Girls It’s Raining Men

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Take the gayest song ever and sample it and make a fun upbeat electro disco recording of it utilizing elements of The Weather Girls Paul Jabara written hit song It’s Raining Men and you have a fun track! That’s exactly what Beatfanatic did with Goin Out. It’s from his album Beat A Part which is chock full of electro disco cuts with a heavy 80s influence. My delicious cup of tea. LOL! I love it and have been exploring more and more of Beatfanatics music lately. Beatfanatic’s music is sample heavy as most of his recordings have one hit 80s disco song or another 70s disco cut. This is a true genius producing music from existing cuts.

Albums by Beatfanatic to note include:

Soundscapes (21 Deep Cuts)
Beat A Part
Vinyl Junkie Culture
I Love It EP
Robots EP

So go check these absolutely groovy disco delish albums by Beatfanatic out now and get groovin’!

It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls
Goin Out (Remastered) by Beatfanatic

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