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  1. Minimalistix Cover Wim Mertens With Close Cover

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    This came out in the early 2000s so it sounds a bit trancey dated but still fun if you like your trance fast and pumping! I first heard of Wim Mertens and Close Cover when I bought Cafe Del Mar Volume 5 back in 2000 and immediately loved his approach to new age and classical music. I’m not such a big fan of new age but do love classical so I love Close Cover in it’s true original form. But the Minimalistix make a fun clubbed out version that you can hear below. Check them both out and see what you think of both.

    Close Cover is off of Minimalistix’s Elements CD and Close Cover by Wim Mertens is off of Wim Merten’s Usura album. Minimalistix’s album Elements contains so many covers including a remake of A Forest by The Cure, Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber, Twin Peaks Theme and more. Worth checking for anyone into covers, remixes and more.

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    Close Cover by Wim Mertens
    Close Cover by Minimalistix

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