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  1. Ocean Beach (Cybophobia Cinematic Remix) by Black Might Orchestra Samples Lujon by Henry Mancini

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    I love Ocean Beach by Black Might Orchestra. It’s a cover of the late great Henry Mancini’s Lujon track. Lujon is actually one of my favorite tracks from Henry Mancini … it’s a beautiful and sexy downtempo jazzy cinematic masterpiece and Black Mighty Orchestra have taken parts from Lujon and sampled it to an electronic chillout hit. You’ve probably heard Ocean Beach on countless chillout compilations and it’s still great to have as background music for a dinner party or to relax to at home.

    Check out both versions below and write a comment about it!

    You can find these songs and a bunch of other great tracks off of both albums pictured above.

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    Lujon by Henry Mancini
    Ocean Beach (Cybophobia Cinematic Remix) by Black Might Orchestra

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